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Dog Breeds and their Bites

Dog Breeds and their Bites |


Dog Breeds and their Bites


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Dog Breeds and their Bites

A dog’s breed can definitely affect how much force goes into a dog bite. Since dog breeders tend to select favorable characteristics, it’s no wonder that some breeds like the Rottweiler and the German shepherd which have humble beginnings as herding breeds, were bred with intention of power to protect both their owner’s livestock and the owner. Pit bulls, however, tend to bite more often but which breed of dog has the most damaging bite?

Dog Bite Force and Skull Shape

Surprisingly, a dog’s skull shape can affect the force of a dog bite. Dogs are generally categorized into three skull shapes. The first is brachycephalic (brak-ee-sef-uh-lik), which is a short, flat-nosed skull shape common in pugs and boxers. Beagles and Labrador retrievers fall into the second category with mesaticephalic (muh-SAH-ti-sef-uh-lik) skulls. These types of skulls are neither shortened nor elongated. The third type of skull is known as a dolichocephalic (doll-lik-oh-sef-uh-lik) skull, where the skull is long and slender. Breeds in the third category are greyhounds and poodles, among many others.

The shorter the skull, the stronger the dog bite force. Brachycephalic dogs have the most bite force when compared to other dogs their size. A similar concept can relate to humans. Stand up tall and rigid with your feet together. If someone pushes you while you are standing like that you are more likely to topple rather than if you had widened your stance and lowered your body. A shorter, wider skull means the dog has a lot of power in its bite, and is more likely able to hold on and cause more damage.

Dog Bite Force and Size

As a dog gets bigger in mass, its bite force is going to get stronger. Dog bites from larger breeds, such as mastiffs or St. Bernards, will cause much more damage than a dog bite from a Chihuahua. Essentially, the smaller the head of the dog, the less force that goes into its bite. This applies no matter if the dog bites you with its front teeth (canines) or back teeth (molars).

So which dog breed has the strongest jaws? Unfortunately, not many bite force studies have been done. The Doberman is thought to have a bite force around 600 pounds of pressure; however, there are no studies confirming it. Currently on record, the Rottweiler leads the pack against pit bulls and German shepherds with a measured bite force of 328 pounds of pressure.

I’ve Suffered from a Dog Bite

No matter the breed, without proper training dogs can and will bite if provoked. However, the bite force of certain types of breeds can affect how much damage is done to you and medical bills can skyrocket even if it’s a small bite with minimal bleeding.

If you’ve been attacked by a dog and it bit you, you need experienced dog bite attorneys like The Advocates who can help you through the dog bite healing process and get you fairly compensated. An Advocate can recommend treatment steps to get you back to pre-dog bite status, even including plastic surgery as dog bites can result in disfigurement. Call us today to discuss your dog bite case. Our consultations are always free!