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Dog Bite Injuries to the Face

Dog Bite Injuries to the Face |


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Dog Bite Injuries to the Face


When a dog wants to bite a human, it will likely call back to its animal instincts and attack a person’s head and neck area. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest report in 2012, nearly 900 thousand people were hospitalized for dog bite injuries and half were small children.

Statistics of Facial Dog Bite Injuries

In a study done on facial repair of dog injuries to the head and neck, 45% of the cases were from pit bull attacks, in two cases that had multiple dogs involved, all were pit bulls. Injuries to the lip made up 21.7% of cases followed closely by dog bite injuries to the cheek and nose. Those who needed surgical repair and had to go to the operating room were all children.

The cost of dog bite injuries to the face result in staggering hospital costs. On average, homeowner’s claims for dog bites in 2012 paid out nearly $30,000; however, considering some facial surgery costs can go into the millions, it’s easy to see why medical debt causes many to go bankrupt. Not only can the medical costs rise, but psychological pain and suffering from suffering large facial injuries and the resulting scarring can be devastating.

Dog bite injuries can be serious, especially if the bites are on the head or neck. Your medical bills will climb if you have to get surgery for the dog bite wound. These mounting medical bills, accompanied by pain and suffering, can wear you down and even make you bankrupt!

However, you don’t have to go into debt. Experienced dog bite attorneys like The Advocates will fight for your compensation with the homeowner’s insurance of the dog’s owner. They have decades of experience working with insurance companies and getting large settlements for their clients. Call us today and find out if you have a case!