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Brain and Head Injury after Cycling Accident

Brain and Head Injury after Cycling Accident |


Brain and Head Injury after Cycling Accident


Brain and head injuries occur after cycling accidents overwhelmingly in cases where the cyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. In addition, brain injuries occur significantly more when the cyclist was hit by a motor vehicle as opposed to any other type of cycling accident. The symptoms from these types of brain and head injuries can last significantly longer than you would think. Let’s take a look at some of these symptoms below.

Eye Movement

Following numerous cycling accidents where a motor vehicle hit a bicycle, eye movement was studied. Normally, when presented with moving stimuli, the eye will track the most attention-grabbing aspect of the stimulus, causing a rapid eye movement. However, when this type of eye movement was studied following a cycling accident with a head injury, the eye instead moved away from the stimulus for a few seconds before latching on.

In another study, a visual stimulus was presented and then turned off to people with head injuries following cycling accidents. The person was expected to look at the location it had been, using their memory. However, these people were significantly unable to remember and locate the placement of the stimulus.

Arm Movement

Delayed arm movement reaction time was noted as slower than normal in people with closed head and brain injuries following cycling accidents. Luckily, their arm reaction time was nearly back to normal within three months of the accident.

The simple acts of moving one’s arm were studied as well. A moving object was either thrown to the person with the objective of he or she catching the object, or an object was moved around the room with the objective being the person had to punch the moving target. The test results showed that people with head injuries were much slower in tracking and hitting the moving object, as well as their slowed reaction time to catching the thrown object.

If You are Having Impairment after a Cycling Accident

If you’ve gone to the emergency department following a cycling accident with a motor vehicle and were diagnosed with a closed head injury or brain injury, it’s important to keep an eye on your symptoms. Not only are you more likely to suffer another head or brain injury, but you may experience latency between your eye and arm movements for up to one year following the cycling accident.

The Advocates have experienced cycling accident attorneys who can discuss your injuries with you and set you on the path to pre-injury status. Being hit by a motor vehicle while cycling can lead to ongoing brain and head problems for which The Advocates can get you fairly compensated. If you have any head injuries after a cycling accident, don’t hesitate—give us a call today!