What To Do If You Get Into an Accident

7 Things To Do After an Accident

No matter how safe you are, accidents happen. Here are seven things to do when one occurs:

  • Prepare. There are some things you should prepare to make sure that you are ready if an accident happens. Keep all loose items secure so that they do not fly around and cause additional damage or injuries. Keep your cell phone charged before going on the road. Make sure all important documents are kept in your car or on your person at all times. Also, consider packing a safety kit, which may include things like jumper cables, a flashlight and a traffic cone.
  • Move to safety. If you can, move your car off or to one side of the road, and then turn your hazard lights on. This will help prevent another driver from colliding with your vehicle and making the situation worse.
  • Check on others. Check on the safety of others. First check on any passengers in your car and then move to other parties to assess their condition. If anyone is hurt, even with seemingly minor injuries, call 911 immediately.
  • Involve the police. Police officers can be invaluable in accident situations and can coordinate the recovery operation. The report they generate can be a helpful tool in the insurance process. It is best to let the officer assess the situation objectively, so avoid discussing blame for the crash. Just stick to the facts of the matter.
  • Information. Write down as much information as possible concerning the accident. Important facts to gather include: driver and passenger names, license plate numbers, insurance details, makes and models of the vehicles, eyewitness contact information, accident location, and the name and badge number of responding officers.
  • Documentation. In addition to allowing you to call for help, your phone can take pictures of the scene to help you document what happened. Be as thorough as possible.
  • Insurance. File your insurance claim for the accident.

In addition to helping you with the insurance process, a personal injury attorney can help you with the aftermath of an accident.

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