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What Causes Bicycle vs. Car Accidents?

What Causes Bicycle vs. Car Accidents? |


What Causes Bicycle vs. Car Accidents?


It’s a sunny day and you’ve decided to take your bike out for a spin. Or maybe you’ve got somewhere to be and need to be there fast so you instead decide to drive. At some point while driving you might encounter a bicyclist. Or maybe you encounter a driver while you are biking. Either the driver or the cyclist might cause an accident during this time—but why? The two most common reasons bicycle vs. car accidents happen are that someone was not paying attention or that someone expected the other to behave in a certain way.

Not Paying Attention

This reason is by far the most common when the fault rests on the driver. Bicycles are slender and small compared to cars and so drivers often do not expect to see them unless they are in a commonly biked area (and even then visitors to the city may not expect cyclists). Unfortunately, drivers rarely pay attention to what cyclists are doing before an accident. In one study, 89% of drivers failed to notice cyclists before a collision.

Expected Behavior

Cyclists often expect motor vehicle drivers to behave in a certain way. This could mean anything from expecting a driver to yield to the cyclist even though the driver has the right-of-way, or a cyclist legally crossing a bicycle lane while expecting the driver to follow the rules of the road and yield to the bicycle. In 92% of bicycle vs. car accidents the cyclist believed the driver would yield to them, with 68% of cyclists even noticing the driver prior to the accident.

Were You in a Bicycle vs. Car Accident?

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