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Utah Wrongful Death Verdicts

Utah Wrongful Death Verdicts |


Utah Wrongful Death Verdicts


Utah wrongful death verdicts are court decisions that result from lawsuits involving a fatality. That fatality is the consequence of an action by a party that deliberately or inadvertently caused another person’s death. Under the law, a party can be held legally responsible for any loss or damage inflicted on the victim’s survivors.

A family was recently awarded $4.4 million by a Utah jury. Richard Kunzler died in a car accident in a construction zone. The family sued the Department of Transportation and subcontractor Staker & Parson Cos. claiming they failed to supply adequate traffic warnings to motorists that entered the area. This created a situation that increased the possibility of an accident. After cresting a hill, Kunzler almost hit traffic stopped on a bridge. His vehicle crashed and he eventually died from the injuries.

Another family filed a wrongful death suit against the Transit Authority after their patriarch was run over by a TA driver. Richard Wirick was crossing the street when a bus accelerated through the intersection and struck the 82 year old. He was dragged 40 feet and died later that day. The lawsuit claims negligence with the driver speeding through the intersection without regard for pedestrians. A staunch supporter of Salt Lake City’s business community, Wirick was known as “Mr. Downtown.”

Utah wrongful death verdicts cannot replace the grief, but they help give survivors closure. The decision can ensure greater safety measures are deployed so that no one else becomes a victim. Awards can help families maintain a lifestyle that was disrupted by grief and a loss of income. They can help keep insurance companies honest when they inexplicitly decide to not pay on a life insurance policy. These can be complicated legal matters and the best ways to deal with them is through a lawyer that specializes in Utah wrongful death verdicts.

The Utah Advocates lawyers have a history of dealing with courts and juries. Regardless of whether action is being taken against a hospital, the government, law enforcement, a distracted driver, the big insurance companies or any other entity, your lawyer will know the ins and outs, putting their resources to work. A wrongful death has a drastic and unnerving effect on the survivors’ day to day life. Accident or recklessness, someone should be held accountable.

These Utah wrongful death verdicts cannot return the survivors’ life to a normalcy they might prefer. They can help ensure others never experience your pain. And they can ensure survivors are cared for the way the victim would have wanted.


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