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Motorcycle Injuries and Hospital Charges

Motorcycle Injuries and Hospital Charges |


Motorcycle Injuries and Hospital Charges


When you’re in an accident and suffering from multiple motorcycle injuries, the first thing you’re likely to do is go to the emergency room. Motorcycle injuries can be much more severe in an accident than in closed vehicles and that in turn makes the cost of treatment rise. One study sought to examine hospital charges for motorcyclists who were in an accident. They had two questions: 1) Do motorcyclists wearing helmets have lower hospital charges?; and 2) What associated issues cause an increase in hospital charges?

Helmet Use and Hospital Charges

The study looked at emergency departments across Utah during the span of 1996-2004, which gathered 4,386 motorcyclists. Motorcycle injuries that resulted in death were excluded. Researchers found that 69% of motorcyclists were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Most of the cases, 76%, were involved in an accident with a closed vehicle.

The study showed that helmet use does have an impact on hospital bills. Use of a helmet dropped treatment charges by $246.00 at the middlemost, $320.00, of all the data. As charges increased, the savings of helmet use also increased. An $8,000.00 hospital bill from no helmet could easily become a $4,300.00 hospital bill with the addition wearing a helmet during the accident.

Motorcycle Injuries and Associated Issues

Unfortunately, motorcycle injuries associated from an accident with an enclosed vehicle raised hospital charges. A $320.00 hospital bill quickly became $757.00. Accidents on rural roads also raised a $320.00 hospital bill to $488.00. Surprisingly, age didn’t make that much of an impact on hospital charges. Riders younger than 29 only saw an increase of about $8.00 the younger they got.

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