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Motorcycle Crashes and Alcohol

Motorcycle Crashes and Alcohol |


Motorcycle Crashes and Alcohol


Even though the number of fatal car accidents related to alcohol is going down, the number of motorcycle crashes related to alcohol is increasing. Motorcycle ownership has been steadily increasing since the recession, but the many who are buying them don’t understand the serious injuries and fatalities that are far likelier to happen while on a motorcycle than in a car. The risk of motorcycle crashes also increases the drunker the rider becomes.

Weave Tests

A test was done where motorcycle riders had to weave through pylons without hitting them or forgetting to weave through. Riders who were at 0.05 and 0.08 blood alcohol content (BAC), while they could avoid hitting the pylons, missed weaving through some of them, indicating the as BAC rises, spatial awareness decreases.

Hazard Avoidance

In another completed test, riders were given a warning followed almost immediately by a hazard. In order to avoid the hazard, the rider had to maneuver the motorcycle into an escape lane. Riders who were at 0.05-0.08 BAC had much slower responses to the obstacle when they were given the warning under two (2) seconds. This group also chose the wrong direction, rather than the escape lane, more often than the other test groups. Complex actions such as making sure to maintain speed, control, and attention were impaired due to the alcohol.

Curve Circuit

A simple loop was constructed and riders were asked to control their speed and stay in their lane. As BAC rose, riders went faster in the straight parts of the loop than their lower BAC counterparts. These higher BAC riders also changed speed more often and had poor lane control, especially in the curved sections of the loop. Considering speed and poor lane control are often linked with fatal motorcycle crashes, even a couple drinks impairs the rider.

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