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Motorcycle Accidents and the Media

Motorcycle Accidents and the Media |


Motorcycle Accidents and the Media


Motorcycle accidents with fatalities had been steadily increasing and only within the past couple years have they started to minimally decrease per year. However, reported motorcycle injuries soared but remained uncovered in media. Normally media coverage of motorcycle accidents reports only on any deaths involved in the crash but this has been proven to obstruct motorcycle safety awareness.

Media Content of Motorcycle Accidents

Most media coverage of motorcycle accidents do not indicate the safety measures, if any, taken by the person who was in a crash. For example, only 57.7% of news coverage indicated whether or not the person in the accident was wearing a helmet or safety gear at the time. Researchers think this may lead to people making assumptions about riding a motorcycle when reading the news. They may think that no helmet or safety gear was worn at all and is therefore the motorcycle-riding norm.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) both agreed that media coverage of motorcycle accidents should be provided with safety information from both the NHTSA and MSF and also that the media should give more attention to safety measures.

Media Reporting

A lot of media content that reports on motorcycle accidents does not give the full story, which shapes public perception. A big part of the problem is that the media is more focused on larger groups of people, for instance a 15 car pileup that includes some motorcycles, rather than a single occupant motorcycle accident. Also, since the motorcycle riding season is somewhat short, the media often brushes aside motorcycle safety concerns.

If you ride a motorcycle, make sure you are wearing the proper safety gear. Never ride a motorcycle without a helmet, even if you are only going a short distance. Suitable clothing is also important to lessen any chance of puncture wounds or scrapes to the body.

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