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A Kaysville Personal Injury Attorney Will Get You More Money

A Kaysville Personal Injury Attorney Will Get You More Money |


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A Kaysville Personal Injury Attorney Will Get You More Money


After your car accident in Kaysville, Utah, you’re probably hurting. Not only are you physically injured, but the medical bills and hospital payments are painful! You need a Kaysville personal injury attorney. If your car was damaged, you’ll need to get a rental car while your car gets fixed. These things aren’t cheap! If the injury is keeping you from going to work, you’re now potentially losing income that could help with these new financial burdens.

No one prepares for a car accident. Unfortunately, even though you’re covered by insurance, they don’t always want to help you. They don’t have your best interests in mind. Insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible for car accident claims because they want to protect themselves.

If you have a personal injury attorney on your side fighting for your rights against the insurance companies, you’re likely to receive 33% more in compensation than if you tried to do it yourself. This is a percentage taken from studies and research. 33% more! That’s a good amount more to help you pay for the hospital bills and car damage. Sometimes the settlement also allows for money to go into your pocket for future injuries that are caused by the accident but don’t show up until much later.

Attorneys understand the process and know what to say and when to say it. If you try to go at it alone, you might miss a medical bill or a charge for a rental car. If you don’t gather all the documents, the insurance won’t pay you for that. Those charges will be left out of the settlement. Let your attorney gather all the necessary documents from hospital bills, ambulance charges, doctor visits, to prescriptions relating to your injuries. The legal assistants have relationships with the hospitals and chiropractors to make sure all documents are secured. Attorneys are meticulous and will make sure everything you paid for or are being billed for is included. The accident was not your fault, and the bills shouldn’t be your burden.

If you’ve been involved in any of the below accidents, you can talk with an attorney. With them on your side, you’ll receive more in compensation which will help you in the future!