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Hand Injuries after Motorcycle Accident

Hand Injuries after Motorcycle Accident |


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Hand Injuries after Motorcycle Accident


In an ideal motorcycle accident, there is no injury to the motorcyclist whatsoever. However, most motorcyclists that are hit by cars can face serious injuries. While the possibility of death should be noted, it much more common for motorcyclists to have cuts, scrapes, and bruises from the collision. Many of these injuries occur to the hands.

Hand Injuries and Proper Glove Protection

The best way to protect yourself from hand injuries during a motorcycle accident is to wear the proper type of gloves. In the United States 74% of motorcyclists in accidents had hand injuries when they were not wearing protective gloves.

The problem is that there is no rating for hand protective gloves for motorcyclists. Many manufacturers do not test the gloves for abrasion resistance once the glove is made, instead relying on abrasion tests conducted on the fabrics.

A disadvantage of wearing gloves specifically designed for scrape or impact resistance would make the glove bulky and essentially unwearable during summer months. In addition, the bulkiness of the fabrics could make fine movements one the motorcycle’s handlebars near impossible.

While there is still no set test for fully manufactured gloves, scientists in Australia have put together a machine that they believe will be the new standard. The device simulates the different hand positions that could be taken in a motorcycle accident, all while wearing a glove. The machine can then reproduce impacts and scrapes that are likely to cause hand injuries in an accident.

Until testing gloves for their safety becomes mainstream, however, it’s important to always wear protective clothing when riding your motorcycle. While gloves may not seem like anything necessary, you can reduce your chances of hand injuries by up to 80% when worn during an accident.

If you’ve suffered hand injuries from a motorcycle accident that was not your fault you have a right to fair compensation for your damages. Not having full use of one or both hands can make some daily activities impossible, increasing the likelihood of pain and suffering. The Advocates can not only get your medical bills and lost wages paid in the settlement with the at-fault insurance company, they can also get you compensation for your pain and suffering. Call The Advocates today for a free motorcycle accident consultation!