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The Guts, the Glory, the Gold

The Guts, the Glory, the Gold |


The Guts, the Glory, the Gold


Rio Olympics 2016

The nations of the world have been united by a single athletic competition that occurs once every two years, the winter and summer Olympics. Whether you love watching the powder fly behind an alpine skier, watch the immense power put behind a volleyball player’s kill or stare in amazement as an athlete flips and twirls in the air and “sticks” the landing, there is no doubt how amazing and exciting the Olympics are.

While the best athletes in the world compete for a place on the podium, there is always the tragedy of an inevitable injury to one of our elite.

After the Opening Ceremony Friday night, the games began and so did the injuries.

Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016:

  • A 26-year-old men’s French gymnast, Samir Ait Said, broke his leg during the team qualifications. He fractured his tibia and fibula after awkwardly landing off of his vault exercise consisting of two backward flips.
  • Italy cyclist Vincenzo Nibali broke both collarbones after falling on the track.
  • Australian cyclist Richie Porte broke his collarbone on the same event as Nibali.
  • Colombian 28-year-old racing cyclist Sergio Henao crashed.
  • Great Britain’s 30-year-old cyclist Geraint Thomas crashed.

Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016:

  • Annemiek van Vleuten, a 33-year-old Dutch cyclist, was leading the race when she crashed her bicycle with 11 kilometers to go in the race. She was videotaped flying head-first over her handlebars, and was treated for a heavy concussion and three minor fractures on her spine.
  • Great Britain’s 17-year-old gymnast Ellie Downie fell on her neck during her floor routine. The fall happened while she somersaulting. She failed to fully rotate her body all the way around, and landed directly on her head and neck. Although she got back up, less than 5 seconds later she wandered off the mat unable to finish her routine.

Monday, Aug. 8, 2016:

  • 25-year-old Australian cyclist Melissa Hoskins was taken from the Rio Olympics Velodrome after crashing.
  • Three other riders fell after Hoskins, but were treated for only minor bruises and scrapes.

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016:

  • A 20-year-old Armenian weightlifter, Andranik Karapetyan, dislocated his elbow while he was trying to lift 195kg (429lbs).

Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016:

  • Brazil’s 25-year-old all-around women’s gymnast Jade Barbosa injured her ankle on the floor exercise and had to withdraw from the competition.

Top 5 metal count:

United States13121035
South Korea52411

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