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Educating Children on Dog Bites

Educating Children on Dog Bites |


Educating Children on Dog Bites


Dog bites are much more likely to happen to children. Children are smaller, easier targets and many do not know how to properly interact with a dog, no matter if it’s aggressive or not. Children aged 5-9 have the most reported and treated dog bites in a pediatric emergency department. What measure can be taken in order to teach children how to behave around unfamiliar dogs?

Video Prevention of Dog Bites

Currently, most prevention tactics for teaching children how to avoid dog bites are done on a one-on-one basis, making it a costly endeavor. There are also some schools that have programs, although these again are costly for the school itself. One study examined children whose ages ranged from 5 to 9. The children were gathered from a pediatric emergency department and were there for either dog bites or non-urgent care.

The study had a mix of written questions and spoken questions that accompanied a picture, such as a photo of a dog eating with the question asked, “Should you pet this dog?” There were 14 questions total. Prior to any video intervention, the children were all over the place in how many questions they answered correctly with nearly half failing (although surprisingly children aged 7 had the most correct answers).

After the questions, the children and their parent(s) were then showed a video of preventing dog bites and asked the same questions after the video ended. Children aged 7-9 averaged much higher, in the 12-14 range, than they had prior to the video. Younger children, although averaged higher, still failed the test on a few occasions.

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