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Dave Tullis Attorney at Utah

Dave Tullis Attorney at Utah |


Dave Tullis Attorney at Utah


Dave Tullis attorney at law is a personal injury attorney that has experience in a wide range of accidents. He also has experience with mediation and arbitration as well as jury trials. Whatever the situation is with your personal injury, he will know the best way to proceed to get the compensation that you need.

Too often individuals are hesitant to see an attorney after an accident. Sometimes they think the accident was their fault. This is common, but what constitutes fault and liability are legal questions, and you need to call an attorney as quickly as possible. Car drivers, business owners, property and home owners have insurance because accidents happen. Often it is no one’s fault and that is why insurance exists.

Insurance companies don’t like to pay

If you are entitled to compensation, the person or company that has the insurance policy will not likely say anything, and if it comes to the point where a claim needs to be filed, an insurance representative is assuredly going to dissuade you from bringing any legal action against them. Insurance companies are in business to make money and avoid paying out too much in order to increase their profits. If you are waiting for an insurance company to offer a helping hand, you will be waiting forever.

Do not accept an offer without consulting with an attorney

If your accident is bad enough, the policy holder will contact their insurance company, and they mostly likely will offer you a check. This is a sign you need a lawyer because no insurance company is going to offer you the amount of money you are entitled to. The only way that you will get a fair settlement is when you have a lawyer like Dave Tullis attorney at law. With Dave Tullis representing you, all discussions about your case and rights will have to go through him. You will not be required to speak to anyone. Dave Tullis will be your representative and advocate protecting your best interests.

Don’t let a particular type of accident prevent you from making the call. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney. Most people assume the motorcycle rider is at fault in an accident, so you will need someone like Dave Tullis attorney at law. He has experience with injuries from motorcycle accidents as well as auto accidents. The same is true if you have been injured by vehicle while riding a bicycle or scooter. Other sources of injuries include falling or being struck by objects on private property. Dave Tullis is familiar all with these types of circumstances as well. If you need assistance, contact his law office today and protect your rights.


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