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Car Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City


Advances Successful Road to Recovery and Restitution

Car accident lawyer Salt Lake City, The Advocates at Driggs, Bills and Day provided professional consultation during a personal injury claim that made a significant difference in the health, happiness, and recovery of the injured.

The awarded settlement received by Jane Mitchell* supported the needed medical care and notably exceeded her expectations, after being seriously injured in a collision in January of this past year. John Tillotson, attorney at The Advocates at Driggs, Bills and Day successfully represented her case.

On the day of the accident, Mitchell was driving on Redwood Road when a car in oncoming traffic drove across the center lane and met her car head-on. Jane’s car was totaled, and she was taken to the hospital where she was dismissed with a broken arm. The next day, Mitchell’s insurance company wanted her to settle, but feeling overwhelmed she called The Advocates at Driggs, Bills and Day, car accident lawyer Salt Lake City, for professional advice.

“The claims process is very confusing and changes case by case. Working with Jane was very rewarding because she got the care and support needed to recover,” said Tillotson. “I was there to help her better understand her high-deductible insurance plan, how to navigate the insurance process and eventually get her a full settlement.”

After experiencing significant chest pain only 1 day after the accident, Jane discovered that the hospital had overlooked a chest fracture. Once the cast was removed from her broken arm, a rotator cuff injury was detected and surgery was required 2 months after the accident. The Advocates provided Jane with the legal advice needed to navigate the claims process resulting in a monetary reward for the unexpected medical bills due to her injuries.

“No one plans on being in auto accident, and many times the injuries that result are not immediate, or obvious. Victims of injury can become quite frazzled by these traumatic and life changing experiences,” said Tillotson. “My goal is to help those individuals clearly see all options and make the decisions that lead to an improved quality of life.”

“The guidance and support provided by John and the staff at The Advocates, made all the difference,” said Mitchell.

*The name of the injured has been kept confidential.

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The Advocates at Driggs, Bills & Day, car accident lawyer Salt Lake City, is a premier law firm concentrating our practice primarily on injury law. Our firm is built on honesty, integrity, and trust. We treat everyone with kindness and respect, we are fair in our dealings and we genuinely care about our clients. Because our clients are the core of our business, serving their needs is our top priority. Not only do we care for our clients, but we also want to give back to our community because they have given us so much. Because of this, we sponsor local non-profits and events to help others.