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Blood Poisoning after Dog Bite

Blood Poisoning after Dog Bite |


Blood Poisoning after Dog Bite


Dangers of Dog bites

A dog’s mouth can be full of bacteria. These bacteria are transferred to humans through even the smallest of dog bites. Even the healthiest of dogs can be carriers of bacteria that, when transferred through a dog’s saliva to a human’s blood through a bite, can wreak havoc on a person’s ability to fight infection.

In a few cases, three otherwise healthy dogs bit three separate people. In all of these cases, the person did not seek medical treatment following the dog bite. Some time later, each person ended up with blood poisoning, also known as septicemia. Once a person has blood poisoning it is very difficult to combat. Blood poisoning treatment requires long hospital stays, constant intravenous fluids, and 24 hour monitoring of possible organ failure.

Blood Poisoning from Dog Bites

Capnocytophaga canimorsus is the bacterium responsible for causing sepsis in dog bite wounds. The connection between this bacterium and sepsis was only scientifically proven as late as 1989. Symptoms of an infection include fever, muscle aches and weakness, and vomiting and these symptoms can appear as soon as two days after an infection or as late as four weeks.

Seek Medical Attention

If you’ve been bitten by a dog you must seek medical attention immediately even if the bite seems superficial or minimal. Cleaning the wound with soap and water may not be enough so having a medical professional make sure you are properly cared for is important.

However, if your medical bills begin piling up due to a dog bite, give The Advocates a call. Our dog bite attorneys will discuss your treatment options to get you back to your pre-bite status. In addition your attorney will seek compensation from the homeowner or renter’s insurance that the dog owner may have. If you’re hurting after a dog bite call us immediately. Your first consultation is always free!