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Proper Motorcycle Clothing Prevents Injury

Proper Motorcycle Clothing Prevents Injury |


Proper Motorcycle Clothing Prevents Injury


Helmets are necessary to prevent head, brain, and face injuries if you get hit by a motor vehicle. However, don’t neglect the other parts of your body! It may be scorching out there so you might think a t-shirt and shorts is all you need but if you get hit and fall off your motorcycle at any speed, you are looking at serious bodily injury.

Motorcycle Armor

If you are planning to ride your motorcycle at speeds greater than 5 miles per hour, you will want to look into buying the right type of gear. Special motorcycle clothing is designed to keep the rider’s entire body safe from harm. There are four types of motorcycle armor you can buy, each with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Foam

    You can choose between soft, hard, and memory foam. The soft foam offers very little protection if you are in an accident, but it is the cheapest. Hard foam is marginally more expensive but will offer better protection. However, hard foam can only take the impact of one accident and will need to be replaced after it is impaired. Memory foam is far superior to other foams but it is very dense and won’t breathe very well, making you sticky and sweaty if you wear it for long periods or in extreme heat. Foams also offer very little protection against puncture wounds.

  • Silicone

    Silicone is a gel that can absorb impacts. They’re a bit costlier than foams but will protect a rider wearing it from superficial puncture wounds. Like foams, silicone can be dense and overbearing, making riding in the heat worse.

  • Hard Plastic

    This type of plastic will protect you from punctures and abrasive injuries such as road rash. Combining this type of armor with a foam or silicone gel is highly recommended, since the hard plastic outer shell will protect you from initial impacts and scrapes, and the inner cushioning will absorb the shock of the impact. However, hard plastic is difficult to move in, making it uncomfortable for some to ride a motorcycle while wearing.

  • Viscoelastic Materials

    These types of materials can get very expensive but they are also the best overall at protection from injuries, shock absorption, breathability, and freedom of movement. When putting on and wearing this material, it is soft, but introduction of high impacts and it will become hard and rigid. This type of material is thoroughly tested before it can be sold as motorcycle armor.

Injury while Wearing Proper Clothing

Even if you are wearing the proper clothing for riding your motorcycle out on the open roads, you are still much more likely to suffer serious injuries if you are hit by an enclosed vehicle. If you’ve been hit, The Advocates have experienced motorcycle accident attorneys who can work with the at-fault driver’s insurance to get you fairly compensated for your injuries. Don’t wait to call if you’ve already been in a motorcycle accident—call us today!