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Brigham City: How do you hire an attorney?

Brigham City: How do you hire an attorney? |


Brigham City: How do you hire an attorney?


Finding a good personal injury attorney in Brigham City is a difficult task. There are a lot of injury lawyers, so how do you find the best possible attorney for you?

How to Choose a Brigham City, Utah Accident Attorney


Make sure you research the attorney and the law firm. When you are in the initial meeting or on the phone, ask questions regarding experience. Know how long your attorney has practiced and what the previous outcomes of cases have been. Does the personal injury attorney have experience in a courtroom or handling depositions? Do they focus their cases in Brigham City or do they take cases from elsewhere?


Many attorneys have a specific type of law that they practice. Some attorneys are general attorneys who can argue many different cases. If you have a car accident claim, then you want to find a personal injury attorney to help. Someone who specializes in this type of case will know the process better and be able to help you through the claim.


It’s good to research the attorney and hear what other clients are saying about them. Check the website for testimonials and Google for their reviews. Clients will either promote the law firm or explain their negative experience. It’s good to understand what other people have gone through to see if it’s an experience you want to have.


Although you don’t have to get along with your personal injury attorney, it’s good to feel comfortable with them and get to know their personality. When you meet with them, ask about them, their life, their family. See if they are someone who really is compassionate and wants to help with your case. If you have similar interests, you’ll be able to connect with the attorney on a friend level rather than just as a client.


Know what your attorney costs. In injury cases, there is no cost until settlement. Once your case settles, the attorney takes a percentage of the settlement amount. This is called a contingency fee, because the fee is contingent on the winning of the case and the amount of settlement. Make sure the attorney is clear on the fees before signing the contract. You’ll want to know how much you’ll be paying your attorney in the end.

Case Types

Like understanding the specialty, know the case types that your lawyer deals with. The following case types are what The Advocates can help with:

  1. Auto accidents
  1. Truck accidents
  1. Motorcycle accidents
  1. Dog bites
  1. Slip and fall
  1. Pedestrian accidents
  1. Bike accidents
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