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Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney 101

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney 101 |


Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney 101



How to Choose the Right Attorney

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s important to hire a lawyer who can best address your specific needs. Here are five factors to consider when selecting a personal injury attorney:


An attorney’s experience should not be underestimated. More experienced lawyers know what to look for when it comes to assessing and investigating a claim. Ask about similar past cases and success rates when meeting with a potential attorney.

Learn more about the attorney’s experience importance.


Not all lawyers are the same. In law, there are many different specialties, so it’s important to find one who focuses in the area that you need. This is especially critical in personal injury cases, as the vast majority of lawsuits are settled out of court. This puts a greater emphasis on the attorney’s ability to accurately value a claim and negotiate a settlement.


A lawyer’s reputation can go a long way, especially when it comes to resolving a case quickly. Being represented by an attorney with a respected reputation signals that you mean business and will put you in the best situation for recompense.


Lesser quality lawyers look to settle claims hastily so that they can move on to the next client. Be sure to select one who can remain objective, focusing on what’s best for you rather than what is advantageous to his or her career.


This characteristic is often overlooked, but it can bolster each of the other four areas. A lawyer with a strong personality will return your calls promptly and always be available to talk to you about your case.

No matter how safe you are, accidents do happen. In those cases, contacting a personal injury attorney can help you handle the situation.