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Auto Accident Attorney

Utah Auto Accident Attorney


Injured in an Auto Accident in Utah? Call an Attorney Today!

When injured in a collision through the negligence of others, it is vital to contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. One can lose rights or compromise a claim by excessive delay. The early stages of a case are crucial. It is a time when sound legal advice can guide the many choices that an injured person and their families must face. It is particularly beneficial to have advice during the emotionally difficult time after an injury.

The law limits the time for filing a claim, and delays can result in loss of evidence and a greater difficulty in locating witnesses. The advice of an experienced auto accident attorney is essential in the early stages of a case or claim because insurance companies often make quick offers of settlement. Their goal is to close the case with the lowest possible amount of recovery.

In some cases, there are many parties involved, many possible responsible parties. Particularly in complex cases, clients benefit from the efforts of an auto accident attorney. Cases can involve specific rules and requirements such as for commercial vehicles, buses, and trucks. Drunk driving and reckless conduct complicate many cases. Further, the laws of each state determine when and how to bring a claim such as in No-Fault jurisdictions.

No case is too small or too imposing for the legal team at Utah Advocates. Injuries can be devastating and, unfortunately, some involve permanent severe injury and loss of life. It is critical to have a determined effort to pursue the rights of injured persons. The law provides one opportunity to obtain an effective remedy, one chance to receive full fair and just compensation. An effective advocacy must be comprehensive in scope. It must recognize all of the impacts of an injury including lost wages, business losses, expenses, services, medical care and therapy, and the emotional suffering from physical injuries.

Experience is a valuable advantage for clients; many cases involve unique circumstances such as head injury cases or collisions involving motorcycles. Unprotected riders cannot withstand the worst of impacts with trucks and 4-wheel vehicles with which they share the roadways. Medical issues require in-depth analysis, from emergency treatment to long-term care.

Please use the convenient online contact form at for legal advice or assistance. The Advocates provide vigorous advocacy for clients and are available weekends, and anytime, for emergency consultation, there is a free consultation and no fee unless there is a recovery.