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Bike Handlebar Injuries in Children

Bike Handlebar Injuries in Children |


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Bike Handlebar Injuries in Children


As a child, riding your bike up and down the street or around the block came with a big sense of freedom. However, bicycle accidents occur more frequently in children and if they are allowed to bike near busy streets or heavy traffic, a motor vehicle could likely injure them. A common bike injury in children is caused by the handlebars.

Bike handlebar injuries have a high death rate in children. Often these injuries are at slow bike speeds, caused by blunt trauma to the child’s abdomen from the ends of the handlebars. Most abdominal injuries go unnoticed, so if your child had a bike accident it’s important to get them to a hospital to check for bike handlebar injuries.

Common Bike Handlebar Injuries

Nearly all children studied with these injuries had abdominal lacerations. Bruising was obvious and large in others. Intestinal damage was found in 21% of the children and damage to the spleen was found in 14%. Abdominal hernias, which happen when an organ is able to break through the muscle that holds it in place, also occurred in 21% of the cases.
Even though these injuries are often caused by bicycle accidents that occur at slow speeds, untreated abdominal injuries are serious. The relatively small surface area of the end of a handlebar against the soft flesh of the stomach can transfer to small perforations inside the abdomen.

If your child is old enough to learn how to ride a bike, it’s equally important to teach them how to properly fall should the need arise. Teach children that if they think they are going to fall off their bike, to fall to the side, pushing the bike down. This will hopefully cause the bike and child to go in opposite directions during the accident.
If you or your child were in a bicycle accident that was not your fault and are facing bike handlebar injuries you need an experienced attorney who can open a claim against the guilty party’s insurance. The Advocates have a spectacular track record of obtaining large settlements for their bike accident victims so don’t hesitate—call us today!