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Bike Crash Safety of Recumbent Bikes

Bike Crash Safety of Recumbent Bikes |


Bike Crash Safety of Recumbent Bikes


If you are in a bike crash, the odds of it happening while riding an upright bike versus a recumbent bike or velomobile are high. Upright bikes not only dominate the biking market, but their design also lacks safety features inherent in recumbent bikes. Let’s take a look at these uncommon bikes and figure out their safety compared to upright bikes.

Recumbent Bikes

A recumbent bike is a bicycle that is low to the ground with a full reclined seat for the rider to sit in. instead of pedaling the bike with the legs vertical to the ground as one would pedal an upright bike, the rider’s legs are often parallel to the ground. Steering can be similar to that of an upright bike or the handlebars can be at the rider’s side. A recumbent bicycle has only two wheels, though recumbent tricycles have three. A recumbent tricycle offers far more stability that that of its two-wheeled cousin.

Recumbent bikes are much less likely to be in a bike crash with a motor vehicle. Studies on recumbent bikes are slim, so unfortunately it’s unknown whether this has to do with the design of recumbent bikes or if cars tend to give wider berth to these odd bikes. Upright bikes tend to place emphasis on having the head first so in a crash riders are more likely to suffer head injuries. Recumbent bikes, with their feet first design, place the rider in an optimal position to protect the head and vital organs in a bike crash.

Velomobiles are similar to recumbent bikes except they have siding along the bike frame. Sometimes these bikes are outfitted with electric motors to aid the rider in going up hills. These bikes may look very strange but they are street-legal in the United States. In addition to the safety that recumbent bikes carry, the velomobile has added encasement, making them a bit more resilient in a bike crash.

All road-worthy recumbent bikes and velomobiles must pass rigorous tests before they are allowed to market. These tests include making sure the bike is able to stop quickly from a high speed, remaining stable while riding in a straight line, having an appropriate turn radius, and even being able to withstand a high amount of force.

I’ve been in a Bike Crash

Whether you were riding an upright or recumbent bike, if you’ve been hit by a car while riding, you are likely suffering from serious injuries. The Advocates are expert bike crash attorneys who can work with the car’s insurance company to get you fairly compensated for your injuries. Our attorneys are available all day and night, seven days a week to discuss you bike crash. Call today!