At a Loss After a Head Injury?

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Every year, 1.7 million people in the United States sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The effects of a brain injury range widely and could be moderate to severe. These effects persist for unspecified lengths of time, and many injured people never fully recover. Personality shifts are common in people with TBI, which is just one permanent effect of severe brain injuries. If you need counsel or advice from an expert brain injury attorney, call The Advocates. We are always available for a free consultation regarding accidents and injuries such as TBI.

More than one million people visit the ER for a traumatic brain injury annually, and about 230,000 are hospitalized. Concussions and other moderate forms of TBI account for 75% of annual brain injuries, yet brain injuries trigger the onset of long-term disability for roughly 85,000 people each year and cause 51,000 deaths—which represents nearly one-third of all injury-related deaths. An estimated $80 billion to $100 billion is spent on TBI every year, on both direct and indirect expenses that arise due to treatment, lost productivity, lost wages, hospitalization, and so forth.

Your brain is your most important organ because it controls the functions of all the other organs in the body. Even if every other organ in your body works perfectly, if you’re brain dead, there’s not much left of you, and recovery is impossible. With so much at stake, you can’t allow yourself to go untreated following a head injury. You need the help of a brain injury lawyer to make sure that you receive the proper treatment for your injury and the financial compensation you’re entitled to.

It’s pretty easy to tell whether a serious brain injury has occurred. Less-serious injuries, however, may also be less noticeable. According to the Mayo Clinic, common symptoms of a concussion or other minor brain injury may include:

  • Brief or momentary loss of consciousness
  • Confusion and/or disorientation
  • Headache
  • Dizziness or imbalance
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory loss or impairment
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sensory disturbances (blurred vision, bad taste in mouth, ringing ears, etc.)
  • Sound or light sensitivity
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Changes in mood
  • Fatigue or drowsiness
  • Depression and anxiety

Moderate to severe brain injuries can cause the previously mentioned symptoms, as well as:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Inability to awake from sleep
  • Persistent confusion
  • Slurred speech
  • Loss of coordination
  • Changes in behavior and personality
  • Agitation
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Dilated pupils in one or both eyes
  • Clear fluid draining from nose or ears

If you or someone you know has suffered a head wound, call the expert brain injury attorneys at The Advocates. We’ll give you a free consultation and help you decide what course of action to take. There’s no obligation or upfront payment required, so call today.

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