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Winter Preparedness: Vehicle Survival Kit

Winter Preparedness: Vehicle Survival Kit |


Winter Preparedness: Vehicle Survival Kit


winter driving4 Items for Your Vehicle’s Winter Survival Kit

When roads get icy and snowy, there’s always a possibility you might be stranded somewhere. Should that emergency occur, you’ll be thankful if you’re prepared for the worst. Here are four items to add you your vehicle’s winter survival kit:

Warm clothing and blankets

If you’re stuck in a storm, it’s important that you and your passengers stay warm until help arrives. Have some big blankets on hand, enough to cover the maximum number of passengers your car can hold. Other items, like hats and gloves, will help if you need to get out of the car. If it’s really cold, pack hand and foot warmers.


In blizzards, tow trucks are going to be in high demand, so it may be some time until one gets to you. Make sure you have snacks and water for you and your passengers if you’re stranded. Also, as your body works to stay warm, it will burn more calories, making you hungrier quicker. This increases the importance of food for your survival kit.


If you’re stuck in a lot of snow, you’ll need to be able to clear out your car. Keep a shovel in your car for these situations. Also, have some rock salt or ice melt in your car for when there’s heavy ice around.


It’s important to have a phone on you whenever you drive, not just in the winter. If you’re stranded in the winter, however, the phone is your only way to contact a mechanic or tow truck. Make sure it’s charged before you leave. Carry a battery if you can, or have an external battery that can charge your phone to maintain power.

No matter how safe you are on the road in the winter, accidents do happen. In those cases, contacting a personal injury attorney can help you handle the situation.